Apache Festival Makeup Tutorial

The tribal makeup look, is a long-running festival favourite for boho and hippy influenced fashionistas. Fusing the ethnic inspired roots of The Apache, native American tribes, this Apache festival makeup tutorial combines bold tribal stripes with modern UV contours.

Adding an edgy statement to a normally earthy and muted ethnic look, the bold neon pigments of our UV Paint Sticks will work to highlight the natural contours of your face.

Incredibly simple and subtle in the daylight, the fiercely strong and bold lines will look striking under UV light, allowing you to re-define your jaw and face shape.

Wear this look with loose animal prints and feathered earrings, keeping material and jewellery to a minimum on your shoulders and decolletage. This will make sure that all the attention is drawn to to the striking contours of your face.

Apache Festival Makeup Tutorial: What will I need?

Difficulty level: 2

Incredibly simple yet effective. You could easily knock this look out in the back of a moving car or in the middle of a festival crowd.  Do it yourself,  or do it on your friends, this is the look that will have you standing out from the rest.

The steps:

  1. Using the Yellow UV Paint Stick, draw a downward facing arrow in the centre of the forehead, with the tip placed in the centre of eyebrows.
  2. Then draw a straight vertical line that starts from the groove under your nose to the bottom of the chin, covering the middle of the lips as you go.
  3. On both sides of the face, draw 4 diagonal lines about ½ cm apart.
  4. Fill in the gaps between the yellow with parallel lines in green. Also, draw an outline to the arrow in green.
  5. Finally, accentuate the jaw by drawing a strong line starting from the chin to the bottom of the ear.

Expert Tip:

Why not take this Apache Festival Makeup Tutorial a step further, and carry the party on down to your neck and decolletage?! Using your UV Paint Stick colour of choice, draw a thick bold line, horizontally along each of your your collarbones.

Next, In the gap between your left and right collar bone, trace an upright “V” shape. Like your cheekbones and jawline, in the look above, this will add further accentuation to your natural contours- perfect for summer festivals when you’re wearing off the shoulder tops and dresses.

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