Moon and Stars: Festival Makeup Tutorial

Neon makeup is the trend at the top of every beauty buffs list, and with the help of our Moon and Stars Festival Makeup Tutorial, it will now be on yours! Currently doing the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest, the electrifying pigments of neon based makeup products, give the illusion that you’re quite literally glowing!

The Moon and Stars Festival Makeup Tutorial encompasses the bold aspects of the neon makeup trend, but fuses them with pretty UV glitter flecks to create an edgy boho festival look.  Concentrating on one side of the face, this look perfectly frames the face and works to playfully glisten as it catches the light.

What do I need?

Difficulty level: 1

The Moon and Stars Festival Makeup Tutorial is as simple and easy as it gets! You could easily pull this beauty off in a cramped compact mirror or a crazy crowd! It might look simple and easy, but the impact and intricacy will be revealed when exposed to UV light.

The steps:

  1. Draw two bindi type dots in the middle of the eyebrows with a with a finely tipped brush, using the Baby Blue UV Body Paint.
  2. Draw a moon shaped, half circle on the right cheek, just under the eye.
  3. Use the yellow eyeliner to draw around 10 stars and small dots across the cheek and neck.
  4. When drawing the stars, draw four individual lines, all stemming from the centre.
  5. Now, add more stars using the Yellow UV Glitter Eyeliner

Festival Makeup Tutorial Top Tip:

Hold up! Why stop there?! For added sass, add further stars onto your forehead and down onto your collar bones. This will look particularly pretty in summer, with a golden tan and halter or off the shoulder tops!